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Professional But Interesting Cover Letter It is Possible - Jobscan Blog

Professional But Interesting Cover Letter It is Possible - Jobscan BlogPosted on March 16, 2017November 9, 2018 by Dr. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish A titelbild letter doesnt have to be boring. In fact, if your cover letter is boring, it most likely will find one of three fates scanned only, tossed in the trash, or not reviewed at all. So, what gets a cover letter noticed? And, how do you find the perfect balance of being professionalyet interestingwith this important document? Read on for five tips that can help you in creating your next cover letter.Tip 1. Be conciseA long cover letter will appear overwhelming to the reader. When someone sees large blocks of text, they typically shut-down and decide not to read any part of it. Instead, you need to be focused and pointed with your text. Decide what is important and ONLY include that information. This will allow you to appear professional and show that you understand the readers time is valuable.Tip 2. Use bulletsYes, use bullets in the m iddle of the cover letter. After you have discussed the name of the ort and why you are a good candidate, its important to showcase achievements that align with this job opportunity. Highlight three or four of your accomplishments that directly relate to what you would be doing in the future position. By utilizing bullets, you directly draw the attention of the reader. Use quantitative information whenever possible. For example, consider how the following highlights your strengths Boosted sales by 33% within a 3-month period, bringing in an additional $30M in revenue.Tip 3. Use the you attitudeA professional and interesting cover letter showcases YOU rather than I. For example, rather than saying, I am interested in the job, say something like, Your recent job opportunity or Your recent posting. Its all about the befhigung employer and you need to ensure the cover letter focuses on that.Tip 4. Highlight something about the companySHOW that you have conducted your research and arent just applying to hundreds of job opportunities. Mention a recent award they received or discuss their top clientwhatever it is, demonstrate that you have done your homework. Not only is this interesting to the reader, it is professional and forward-thinking.Tip 5. End on a positive noteRather than saying you hope to hear from the employer, say something like the following I look forward to your positive response. Or, you could say, I know Im the right candidate for the position and I am excited to schedule an interview. This may seem forward to some people however, it does show that you have confidence in your abilities and KNOW that you are the person for the job. This is not the time to be wishy-washy. Show your strengths and own your expertise.Remember that hiring managers and recruiters are busy. The important thing when writing a cover letter is to be targeted, clear, and concise. If you are totenstill confused about how to create an appealing cover letter, check out our cover letter checklist.Dr. Heather Rothbauer-Wanish, owner of Feather Communications, has been working with job seekers since 2008 to develop forward-thinking, eye-catching, and dynamic resumes for todays marketplace. She is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and has written thousands of resume for clients in a variety of fields. Dr. Rothbauer-Wanish has a BBA in Management, an MBA, and a PhD in Organization and ManagementFacebook Commentswpdevar_comment_1 span,wpdevar_comment_1 iframewidth100% important

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The Number One Article on Resume Writing from Home

The Number One Article on Resume Writing from Home Definitions of Resume Writing from Home Though the best internet job search providers are from USA, their services arent location bound. While opting for an interview or maybe to fulfill a client, consider what sort of services are you going to provide them. There are a lot of advantages of using article writing as a promotion tool for an internet enterprise. In such situations, taking help of fulfillment service providers is surely a sensible decision. The level of your writing samples will determine to what degree your clients are eager to cover your articles. Envision the sum you would spare. Since you may see, there are lots of ways you can earn money verbunden writing articles. If people see your site and it seems unprofessional, theyll relate it to your product. If youre confident in your writing abilities, then youre totally free to compose your own content for your website. There might be an initial signing-up process for each extra directory, which takes a little time and effort to finish, but thereafter the procedure is much quicker. Your article cant contain any advertising material, or youre going to be accused of spamming and could be blacklisted. Pay a visit to the web and you may learn how to promote your article on video games to a gaming website or the way to speak to your childs teacher about his recently diagnosed Aspergers syndrome. Based on what youre looking for, you can land a writing job in 1 week. When such things are noticed that are going on in the work market, a sudden need of alignments of genuine job opportunities provided by various companies felt to make considerations for men and women that are striving to acquire an ideal job at the proper moment. Be dedicated What the majority of people dont see is that simply because youre at home you cant slack off, you must work harder than in case you have an hourly job. The straightforward thing in regards to working at home is that youve got plenty of distractions, but you must understand there is nobody there to inform you to return to get the job done. Resume Writing from Home Secrets That No One Else Knows About Well, it will become easy that you execute multiple small business activities in your own organization. You have the ability to start work at residence net organization whenever you have adequate wisdom and terrific communication skill. To choose career in Defence services isnt so effortless job. There are lots of, a number of other methods to initiate a business enterprise. Whispered Resume Writing from Home Secrets Secondly, excellent small business writing is simpler to read and simpler to comprehend than poor writing. There are plenty of things a writer is able to do to secure writing jobs. Basically, resume writing is an art and just some of the applicants can pull it off. Theres very good news if writing isnt your strong point. The trick is to sell PLR articles t o a limited number of buyers. Put simply, it would be much far better to say that you had initially planned to stay house with a newborn until a particular point in time, until they arrived at a specific age, as an example. When you receive a job and you get started receiving a competitive salary, youre content with everything for first couple of months. Even though you may hate your work, the very last thing you will need is to be unemployed and without an income.

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Getting the Best Resumed Definition

Getting the Best Resumed Definition First aid is a mix of some basic procedures, as well as the application of common sense. Therefore, 1 benefit of utilizing this type is that almost all employers will be familiarized with it, and will prefer it. Thus in Haskell, even though it is a purely-functional language, side effects which will be carried out by means of a computation can be handled and combined purely at the monads comlocation time. To deliver the requested information, the gadget relies on sending small packages of information right to the wearer by means of a micro-projector, employing a private channel of communication that may only be obtained by the user. The lists arent exhaustive, as the keywords and phrases you should increase your resume depend on your experience and abilities. The chronological resume format doesnt work well whenever you are changing careers. A chronological resume is among the most common resume formats. The chronological resume is among th e most common resume types. They can also supply you with ideas on the sort of language you need to use. There are a lot of ways to approach this question. The cognitive strategy, on the flip side, suggests our behaviors are caused mostly by our very own mental processing. Practically all their related problems are decidable, so they support automatic verification algorithms. It frequently comprises a resume objective or career summary in front of a list of prior work experience. Once your resume is prepared to go, youre wish to be sure to receive it in front of as many employers as possible. A chronological resume works best when youve got an extensive work history thats in the exact line of work as the job for which youre applying. Your resume should fit your personal work history and the essentials of the job for which youre applying.In that instance, collaboration doesnt necessarily take place between members of the very same firm. The thought of collaboration appears t o be easy enough just do the job together. However, the work is anticipated to resume soon. While you may have a good deal of work experience, its likely in a different industry. When you have written a work description look for strategies to produce your explanation more concise. I think that scenario thinking is a vital skill for everyone who would like to cope with business strategy. The NASA story is fantastic and Ive referenced it in my most recent book. Most Noticeable Resumed Definition This could help detect conditions until they become more problematic or result in postmenopausal bleeding Maintain a wholesome weight, following a wholesome diet plan and exercising regularly. Transforming your salt intake could change the total amount of lithium in your blood. He wouldnt give him a stone rather than bread, or a serpent in lieu of a fish. In the event the problem at hand is mask seal, for example, you might want to look at purchasing a gel-based CPAP mask thats famous for its secure yet comfortable seal. In some instances, bleeding may require no therapy. If it is due to cancer, treatment will depend on the type of cancer and its stage. Vaginal bleeding may have a number of causes. Prevention Postmenopausal bleeding could possibly be benign or could be a consequence of a more critical condition like cancer. Tell your physician if youre pregnant or intend to become pregnant. Now, maintenance isnt tax-shifting, meaning that like child support, the payor doesnt obtain a deduction, and it isnt treated as taxable income to the payee. Wherever youre in your nursing career, weve got a resume sample that may help you write or update your nurse resume. Although you might not be in a position to stop abnormal vaginal bleeding, you can search for help quickly to find a diagnosis and treatment plan in place, regardless of what the cause. Then it is possible to make whatever you desire. The effort to make sure that mission-essential functions contin ue to be carried out during a broad range of emergencies that could be localized or widespread. Also, they are sometimes recognized in real-time. Reviewing isnt an achievement. Even different businesses can collaborate on occasion. 1 advantage for employers to internet resumes is the substantial cost saving in contrast to traditional hiring methods. They may be organized in different ways. They can be used for a variety of reasons, but most often they are used to secure new employment.

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How to Cope When You Hate Your Job - The Muse

How to Cope When You Hate Your Job - The MuseHow to Cope When You Hate Your Job Theres no way to sugarcoat it- you hate your job. Your stomach is in knots every single Sunday night. Your walk into the schreibstube often feels like youre trudging through cement. And, a sledgehammer seems like the only suitable way to silence your alarm clock each weekday morning- at least youd be able to get some of that pent-up aggression and hostility out.First of all, Im sorry. Your career is a huge part of your life, and when it doesnt leave you feeling fulfilled and satisfied, it can have a pretty big negative impact on your overall outlook and attitude. Its hard to leave that frustration at your desk when the clock strikes five every evening.If youre trying to be proactive about your situation, Im willing to bet that youve read your fair share of advice about what to do when your career makes you miserable. And, Im also willing to bet that much of that advice told you the same thing over and ove r again Get out.Its a well-meaning instruction, and I actually wont even try to refute it. After all, if your position truly has you clenching your fists and grinding your teeth, its probably smart to start looking for something else. But, lets face it- we dont all have the luxury to pack up our desks and wave goodbye to our teamberaterins whenever the going gets a little tough.So, if youre anything like me, you typically get to the end of that well-intentioned advice and think, OK, but what else? Yes, perhaps you really are working on looking for a new gig. But, when you do eventually move on, you want to do your best to make sure its something youre truly excited about. You dont want to jump from the frying pan straight into the fire, so to speak. Youre being selective and taking your time.That means you need to stick it out in this miserable position for at least a little while longer, and youre desperate for any advice that helps make that process a bit easier. Well, look no fur ther Here are five things you should do when you hate your job- that dont involve storming out of the office and collecting an unemployment check. 1. Assess Your SituationIt seems obvious, doesnt it? But, its a step thats often overlooked. We all have the tendency to get so wrapped up in how miserable we are, that we neglect to determine what exactly is causing that unhappiness.So, its time to ask yourself some hard questions about your current situation. Is it your position that you hate, or is it your employer? Is there one key piece of your position that puts a sour taste in your mouth? Have you always disliked your job?I know, this self-analysis likely isnt the super actionable first step you were hoping for. But, these important questions will lay the groundwork for you to attack the next steps with a clear head and a narrow focus. 2. Have the Tough ConversationsOnce youve identified what exactly is inspiring your distaste for your position, its time to have those difficult con versations with the powers that be. Is your workload too overwhelming? Do you feel youre not fairly compensated for the amount of work you do? Is a member on your team not pulling his weight- contributing to your frustration? Talk these out with your supervisor to see if there are any adjustments that can be made. All too often, the employee life-cycle looks a little something like this Mary is hired and settles into a new position. Marys manager assumes things are going along swimmingly. Eventually, Mary resigns and explains how miserable shes been the entire time.Yes, its your boss job to support, supervise, and encourage you- but, its definitely not his duty to read your mind. So, if something is making you unhappy, its up to you to take initiative and speak up. Employers are typically willing to go the extra mile to keep top talent around. So, who knows, you and your manager could come up with some great solutions to address your problems and increase your happiness (If youre no t sure how to approach that conversation, read this.)3. Switch Your PerspectiveStay positive is another clich piece of career advice you hear time and time again when you hate your current position. And, Im trying my best to stay away from that same tired sentiment. However, I really do believe that a quick shift in your perspective could make a world of difference for you.When you loathe what you do, its all too easy to just feel like youre biding time- youre just putting in your hours until you can finally escape from that hellhole. However, that sour, negative attitude isnt going to make your life any easier. On the contrary, actually. Itll make things much worse.So, instead of looking at each workday as another time slot when you need to pay your dues and slop your way through, approach it as a chance to continue refining your skills and conquer new challenges. After all, whats more challenging than making it through eight hours at a job you hate? Not much. 4. Vent About ItYou k now not to rant and rave about how much you hate your job on Facebook- thats definitely not advisable. But, that doesnt mean youre not allowed to ever air any grievances about your career. In fact, a little bit of venting can be a good thing for you- as long as youre careful about how you do it. So, grab a trusted friend and talk through all of your complaints and annoyances. I know, complaining doesnt necessarily fix anything. But, youll likely be surprised at how much better you feel after unloading all of those feelings and frustrations. 5. Do Your Best WorkWhen youre unhappy, its easy to fall into the trap of coasting and putting in minimal effort. Ill admit that it can seem counterintuitive to put your all into something when you dont even like what youre doing. But, falling victim to mediocrity will only add fuel to your discontented fire.So, push through and continue to turn in high-quality work. Even if you dont necessarily enjoy what youre doing, doing a good job with it wi ll definitely help to lift your spirits and boost your confidence a little bit. Plus, if nothing else, at least you can go home each night feeling good about the work you put in that day. Thats something. Toughing it out in a job you hate is enough to push anybody to his or her breaking point. And, as much as youd love to box up your workspace and bid adieu to your supervisor, quitting isnt always a realistic option.Fortunately, there are a few other things you can do to make your detested 9-to-5 at least a little more tolerable. Give these tips a try, and let me know how it goes on TwitterAND WHEN YOURE READY TO QUIT......weve got some jobs for you that you wont hate. Promise.JUST CLICK HERE

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Job Candidate Rejection Letter

Job Candidate Rejection LetterJob Candidate Rejection LetterHow are you treating the people who applyfor your open positions? It takes up to an hour to customize a cover letter and apply for a job. Increasingly, the process also includes completing an online application which in earlier days was elend filled out until a potenzial employee arrived for an interview. Acknowledge Their Time This time invested in a potential employer is significant and discouraging. It is discouraging because, in many cases, the application is not acknowledged. More significantly, the applicant never hears that he or she was not selected for an interview. The rejection letter never comes, and so the applicant waits, wishes, and hopes. This is exacerbated by the fact that some employers wait until a job is filled before notifying applicants, a process that can take weeks, or even, months. They may put a job on hold, decide not to fill it, or postpone the interview process for more important priorities . But, the applicant hears nothing and spends additional time in more follow-up especially for a desirable job. It is much kinder to let the applicant know that he or she is not a candidate who will be considered further. Here is a sample letter which will help employers communicate with applicants who were not selected for an interview. Job Applicant Rejection Letter DateName of ApplicantApplicants AddressDear (Applicant Name)We received many applications for the position of quality analyst. We reviewed your application and decided not to invite you in for an interview with the hiring team.We appreciate the time and energy that go into submitting a resume, cover letter, and application. Thank you for investing the time to apply to Clark Services.Please apply for open positions, for which you qualify, in our company in the future.We wish you success in your job search and in your future endeavors. We appreciate your interest in our organization.Regards,Real Persons Name and Sign atureExample HR Director for the Employee Selection gruppe Expand

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$484 million in productivity will be lost the day after Super Bowl

$484 million in productivity will be lost the day after Super Bowl$484 million in productivity will be lost the day after Super BowlJust a little less than two weeks shy of Super Bowl Sundaya survey was conducted by Captivates Office Plus, intending to define the events importance in the objective language of economics. Though the prognosis is a little better than previous years (more on that below), the Monday succeeding footballs most lauded day seeks to be a fairly quiet one.Millennials accounted for 19% of the 481 professionals surveyed that expect the Super Bowl to impact their Monday in some capacity. Between older and younger professionals it makes sense that the latter would be the more engaged group, as well as the group with the proclivity for engaging in a way that would most affect the proceeding Monday i.e. excessive drinking and partying.The post-Super Bowl Monday wont be very productiveFive percent of professionals plan to completely take the day off,3% plan on showin g up an hour late or taking a half day, and12% predict they will either be hungover or tired the next day.If you intend on roughing your hangover and heading into work on Monday, odds favor a relatively lax day considering 13% of senior managers plan on taking the day off and 7% intend on showing up late. This translates to an estimated productivity loss of over $484 million.A beefy figure, indeed, though the alternative to people showing up to work at all-late or otherwise appears to be people showing up to work considerably hungover and likely only fractionally more productive than their absent coworkers.The lack of employees occupying cubicles Monday morning isnt the lone factor when formulating production loss. Exactly how those that do show up choose to allot their time on the day is also taken into account. As you can imagine in the absence of the supervision of a senior manager, many might be compelled to hang around the break room just a hair longer to really unpack the late st Old Spice commercial that aired the night before.Its a unique sporting event in that most have a hard time successfully rooting out the true fans of the sport from those provisionally conscripted by the combined efforts of hype and commercials.Captivates study suggests a conversation regarding the commercials that air in between the actual game is securing an increasingly bigger chunk of the morning dialogue.Out of the 77% of professionals that will discuss the game the next day, 40% said their conversation will be centered around the commercials, leaving just 21% to focus on the actual game. This contributes, however subtly to such a meaty fiscal amputation.It should be noted that 25% of professionals wont be tuning it at all, the minority of which owe their decision to political reasons and the rest simply to apathy.On a key questionCaptivate also surveyed white-collar workers about a possible solution to the production loss problem specifically, mainly their thoughts on making Super Monday a potential holiday. The majority of Americans surveyed (70%) are not in favor, while 30% are all for it. Of the 30% that said yes, 38% have children, but on mass, older professionals reject the actualization of the proposed holiday, with 86% of people 55 and older saying no.Last year, it was estimated that the Super Bowl induced absenteeism (16.5 million said they would be taking the following day off)would cost employers about $3 billion and the year before saw that figure settle in around $1.78 billion. The data isnt exactly consistent, though it states very plainly the event to be a productivity executioner.Even still, the estimated loss for this year hints at progress of a kind. Well just have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

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How to Transition to a New Career

How to Transition to a New CareerHow to Transition to a New Career13Know thyself.By this point in your career, youve likely got a good handle on what you have to offer to potential employers, and what your ideal next job might look like. Among some of the key career transition tipsare knowing how to write a resumethat highlights your skills, and how to answer tricky interview questions. If you left your last job under circumstances that werent of your own doing, give yourself time to process your emotions so that you dont carry lingering resentments forward into your search for something new.Test your EQ.Speaking of emotions, its a good idea to figure out how to use your EQ, or emotional intelligence- which figures as significantly as your IQ- to assess whats next for you. Knowing how you relate to, and work with, others is a guidepost to understanding whether youre better off as a leader in a group situation, working remotelyin a solo setting, or something in between.Network- now.Th e beauty of being in transition mode is the possibility of building upon what youve already established thus far in your career. Your network is one of the fruchtwein powerful weapons in your arsenal, so use itwisely and often. Lay the groundwork now for your next move by discreetly letting coworkers know your plans. If youre between jobs, keep in contact with past colleagues, and use them as your eyes and ears for future job prospects.Work your plan.No matter how youve come to be here- by choice or because of circumstances beyond your control- change is on the way, and your best bet is to be ready for the big switch. Its critical for career changers to have a smart career change blueprintthat lays out what you need to do and gives you a sense of confidence going forward.Be prepared for change.Realize that your career, like your life, has chapters and changes that evolve over time. Be poised and ready for the change thats underway, and accept the notion that your next step may not b e a final destination, but a stepping stone to your dream jobReaders, share your suggestions for how to transition to a new career